Saturday, October 8, 2011

Holidays challenge

OK Room 4 - this challenge is for you.
Post a comment here to tell us all about something you have been doing during your holidays.
Let's see how many comments we can have before the beginning of Term 4.


  1. hi Its Rylee I went to a birthday yesturday and i am going to Duiden on thursday then i am going to Clyde.

  2. hi its lucy on tuesday last week of holidays we went to duniden and stayedd for 3 days and 100 hundred dollar to spendthen on friday 21 it was my birthday!

  3. Thanks for sharing your holidays happenings Rylee and Lucy. Sounds like birthdays and Dunedin were both popular for you girls. I had lots of fun with Jake and Sam over the last two weeks - we went to see the Smurfs movie, went on bike riding adventures and the boys had swimming lessons. See you in a couple of days.

  4. hi room 4, I am having fun at my new school. I have 4 new friends on my first day and we are going to camp next month at moa creek. Hope you are all having fun at school to from fraser