Saturday, October 8, 2011

Print Making

Our Art focus for Term 3 has been on Print Making.  We have had several sessions on creating indented polystyrene prints.  Before we began we planned our designs - firstly creating a 'kiwiana' design to celebrate NZ's culture and heritage as part of our focus on the Rugby World Cup being held in N.Z.
Our second attempt at this form of printmaking involved creating a 'nature' design.

Enjoying spending time in the Art Room - Step 1: create a design

 Step 2: transfer design to polystyrene block

 Step 3: roll ink until it is not sticky sounding

Step 4: roll ink onto your printing block
Step 5: turn your inked block upside down onto your paper and roll firmly on the back to transfer the ink onto your paper  (Great to see Sam putting alot of effort into it!!!!)
 What a busy group of students!

Students enjoyed the opportunity to create multi-coloured and multi-layered prints in subsequent sessions.  The results are simply stunning!  The photos simply do not do them justice.  Enjoy viewing.


Wall display of Room 4's creative works in the foyer outside Room 6 

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