Sunday, June 12, 2011

Foaming at the Mouth - Sherbet

Does anyone want a fizzing treat? Well, let us tell you how to make sherbet.
First of all you need to get some baking soda, icing sugar and some citric acid. You also need a paper bag, straws, spoons and paper cups. These are used when you are mixing and making your sherbet.
Take your paper cup and tip in some icing sugar, then add some baking soda and stir. After you have stirred add the citric acid and mix them well, squishing all of the lumps against the side of the cup, until they are gone.
After that you need to get the paper bag and tip the contents from the cup into the paper bag. (If you want to you could share the mixture between two bags.)
After you've put the contents of the cup into the paper bag, put a straw into the bag and if you want to you can staple the top of the bag to keep the sherbet in.
Finally, you can taste the sherbet, by sucking it up the straw. Try keeping the sherbet on your tongue to see the fizzy reaction, when the ingredients get wet.
If you get a big bit of sherbet in your mouth your mouth will get filled with foam!!!
When the sherbet goes into your mouth it is a solid.
When it gets wet on your tongue it begins to melt and turns to a liquid.
That is why it starts to fizz.
This is a fun party trick/treat and it is also a great way to learn about fizzing.
Explanation written by Izack, Emma & Jessica

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