Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Commemorative Medals from the mayor

On Wednesday we had a very special whole school assembly.
Waitahuna Primary school were also invited to attend.
We were joined by Clutha District Mayor - Brian Cadogan and
Chairman of the 150th Celebrations Committee - Wayman Roughan.
They presented every child in the school with a gold medal from the 150th Celebrations as a thank you for their participation in the Celebrations in March.
An anonymous benefactor had donated money to purchase the medals for each of the children, to thank them for their participation in the opening and closing dramas of the celebration weekend.
Regen is presented with his medal.
Everyone lines up to receive their medal.
Even Mr Howell was rewarded with a medal!!!

Wild Things

Mrs O read us the story 'Where The Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak and we then had to create our own collage Wild Thing.
After experimenting with 3D effects such as paper rolling, scrunching, quilling, folding and curling, our art challenge was to create a unique paper collage Wild Thing that included 3-dimensional features.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Room 4 Witness enters the Time Capsule

As a finale to our Term One inquiry into 'Our Golden Past', we created a newspaper titled Room 4 Witness. This had reports written by pairs of students on activities undertaken during our topic. It was our way of making sense of what we had learned about our history and reflecting on why it is important to us.

Today we invited Kim Murtagh to our class to explain about the Time Capsule that is to be sealed on May 25th of this year at Gabriel's Gully. We learnt that the reason it is being sealed on May 25th is because this is the date that Gabriel Read first discovered gold in Gabriel's Gully in 1861.
Kim showed us alot of the memorabilia that is being stored in the Time Capsule which was very interesting. There were lots of items related to Lawrence Area School, for example class photos, the 2010 school magazine, class lists from 2011 and the brochure about Lawrence created by the Room 3 students two years ago (who are now Room 4 students).

Kim shows us the metal box that is being used as a Time Capsule. It has to be able to protect all of the precious documents etc that will be stored for 50 years.

Kim shares with Room 4 some of the memorabilia being stored in the Time Capsule

We presented Kim with a copy of our Room 4 Witness to place inside the Time Capsule. Kim told us that the Time Capsule will be opened in 50 years time to coincide with the 200th celebrations. It was amazing to think that the students will all be 57, 58 or 59 years old when this happens. Lots of us would like to be there to see the Time Capsule opened.

Chaleece presents Kim with a copy of the Room 4 Witness to place in the Time Capsule until 2061!

We wondered about what life will be like in 2061 and even if there will be such things as computers or DVD players to view the CD of photos that is in the capsule. It will be fascinating to look at all of this memorabilia in 50 years time, especially knowing that we helped to create some of the items in the time capsule!