Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Persuasive Writing

We have been working hard this term on learning to write to persuade our audience to agree with our point of view. Here are two opposing points of view regarding scooters at school. Who do you agree with and why?

Scooters should be allowed at LAS forever!
First, scooters are good for exercise. Instead of running you could scooter for exercise and then you get good and then you can show off your good skills.
Secondly, working is boring and we could play on the playground but it is getting old and boring. Do you know I've been playing on that playground for 5 years and I only got my scooter this year?
Another reason is it is good fresh air. If you don't get fresh air you might just stay in on the computer and be a nerd and then it will waste all of your power so you can't even look up stuff for homework. So that is why you could get fit.
So please don't ban scooters from LAS.

Josh Leebody

Scooters are dangerous so please be with me and ban them.

People will get hurt because they will run into each other. There are too many scooters and little kids will get hurt.

People will be able to play rugby other than scooters. Rugby is a fun sport. You run, you catch, you throw, you kick and get fit.

Kids do not let people on their scooters so if you didn't have one you would be lonely.

So ban scooters!

Fraser Hart

How about this piece written by Elliot after being told that the Board of Trustees were considering banning all school camps......

Are you crazy to consider taking our camps away? Camps should stay.

If kids and parents go to camps together they can have fun. All the kids parents don't come to school with us so at camps they can have fun together and spend some time together. On Room 4's camp Mum and I got to climb up Baldwin Street together.

All the kids work hard so they should get a treat once in a while. Camps provide ways of having fun like hydrosliding and going to the Chinese gardens, like Room 4's camp.

Even when we're having fun, Room 4 still carries on their work. When we went on camp we went to the Otago Museum. We carried on learning about chinese mining.

Do not ban camps if you want kids to come to LAS. So keep camps and school trips!

Elliot Forbes

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