Thursday, March 31, 2011

Athletics Fun with Penny

On Tuesday we had a visit form Penny the sports activator. She took us through a number of different activities that will help us build skills for athletics. We began by playing some tag games to help us warm up. After that we did some relay races over the hurdles, and we also had sack races which was heaps of fun.

Penny took us through a few different jumping activities to help us with our long jump technique. These photos are of us jumping from one hoop to another jumping from two feet and landing on two feet. We really had to swing our arms because Penny kept moving the hoops we were jumping into further and further away!!
Mac, Regen and Elliot prepare to jump...
...and there they go.
Fraser, Alex and Samantha get some really good height as they jump from hoop to hoop.
Chaleece, Jessica and Georgia take their turn.
Now Jaxon, Emma and Lucy have a go.
Adams lands! Blaize flys! Rylee jumps!
Regen gives it 100% Elliot prepares to jump.
We finished off the lesson by throwing vortex for points to see which team could get the most points by throwing the furtherest.
We had an awesome time and can't wait for Penny to come back for our next session.!!

Shining Star - Dewald

Dewald was awarded the Junior School 'Shining Star' Trophy at assembly today, for being a responsible, polite and friendly student to visitors to our school. Congratulations Dewald these are the kinds of behaviours that make us very proud of you, and make visitors to our school remember us all well. You are a terrific role model to other students.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Izack's diorama

Room 4 were most impressed when Izack arrived at school with his 'project' that he had created in his own time at home. Take a look and you might find his machine for sorting the rocks from the gold, the gold pan, the miner, the very carefully constructed miner's tent...... We were blown away by your creativity Izack. Thanks for sharing it with us all. So the challenge is now out...... who else can come up with a diorama depicting the goldrush days of the 1860's?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

150th Celebrations

What a fitting way to conclude the 150th celebrations of the discovery of gold at Gabriel's Gully. All of the students from Y0-8 turned up in period costume to Gabriel's Gully to present their interpretations of the happenings of 1861 and beyond through a whole school drama.
Check out the children from 1861 - don't they just look the part!
Joshua and Samantha

Fraser and Alex

Adam and Anna

Jessica and Chaleece

Dewald and Mac

Regen and Josh

Rylee and Elliot

Georgia and Blaize

Lucy and Izack

Jaxon and Emma

Room 4 of 1861
A special thank you to the parents for their efforts in making sure the children had appropriate costumes for the drama. It was truly wonderful to see them all dressed for the occasion, looking so smart in their outfits of the 1860's. How lucky we all are to have been a part of such an important celebration - it is sure to be a time that we will never forget.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Martin Curtis

On Wednesday we were entertained by New Zealand singer, song-writer and bush poet, Martin Curtis from Cardrona. He was absolutely wonderful singing songs and telling stories of the goldrush. We enjoyed singing along with him, especially when he sang 'Bright Fine Gold' and 'Gin and Raspberry', two songs we have been learning at school. The concert was truly wonderful, we sang, we laughed, we was just magic.
Check out the videos of Martin singing, accompanied by Years 0-8.
Martin Curtis - playing his guitar for a captivated audience.
Year 0 - 8 were enthralled by the performance.
Martin Curtis tells a very funny poem about a cheeky Kea. The children laughed hysterically at the antics as he added actions and sound effects to his poem. He was hilarious!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Goldpan Art

Check out our super-cool goldpan art works for the 150th celebrations next weekend. They are soon to be on display in the Lawrence township and are to be auctioned at the conclusion of the 150th celebrations. Most of us did try to keep to the gold mining theme for our works of art. It was fun working with a different art media.
Chaleece and Jessica
Emma and Lucy
Elliot and Fraser

Adam, Jaxon and Izack

Georgia, Rylee and Alex

Josh, Mac and Blaize

Anna and Samantha

Joshua, Dewald and Regen

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We are thrilled to have two new members in Room 4 at the moment. We welcome Anna and Joshua to our classroom and hope that they really enjoy their time at Lawrence Area School. They have both come to us from Christchurch following the earthquake. They are staying with family members until they return home.