Monday, August 29, 2011

South Otago Cross Country

Chaleece, Jaxon, Mac & Elliot
Yesterday was the South Otago Cross Country at Clinton.
Room 4 had four students who went to represent Lawrence Area School.
They all ran very well, and we are proud of their efforts.
Congratulations to Jaxon who came 2nd in the Year 4 boys!
Congratulations to Elliot 16th in the Year 4 Boys.
Congratulations to Mac who came 12th in the Year 3 boys.
Congratulations to Chaleece who came 10th in the Year 4 girls.
You all did really well and you have inspired others who bow want to run faster next year so that they can qualify to go to Clinton as well.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Relaxing Reading

Last Tuesday we had a glorious afternoon, so we took our chapter books outside and found a nice spot to sit and read - It was lovely.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cross Country

  • Held at Gabriel's Gully
  • Brilliant sunshine
  • 7 year olds from Room 3 joined Year 3 & 4 students for their cross country races
  • Boys raced first

  • Followed by the girls
  • Mrs Taylor got us all started and we were off......

Chaleece and Sam gave everything they had
Adam powers home and Izack's face tells the tale of how hard he had run
Alex nears the finish line while a battle plays out between Lawrence and Waitahuna
("Go Fraser......")
Chaleece approaches then rounds the frog pond - well in the lead
Sam and Jess powering past the frog pond
Rylee and Lucy stride it out
Alex and Emma keep at it - good one girls!
Jaxon battles it out with Jack on his shoulder while Elliot is close behind them
Adam and Mac giving it everything
Izack in full flight while William tries to catch up with Alex
Fraser and Regen cruise past the frog pond

Well done Room 4 - Mrs May and Mrs O were 'super proud' of you all. You all gave your best effort, you ran hard and pushed yourselves to achieve the best that you could. All of that training was well worth it.

Special congratulations to Chaleece, Jaxon, Elliot and Mac who qualified for the South Otago Cross Country Championships at Clinton. Good luck on Monday!

Ski trip

On Friday 26th of August some of the class went to Cadrona on a school ski trip. The day was a little bit windy, which made it quite cold, but when the sun came out in the afternoon it was much warmer.
Everyone who went had to start the day with a lesson. Some people had a lesson on the chair lift, others were on the big magic carpet and first time skiers were on the small magic carpet. Here are Rylee, Rubie and Lucie as they wait to ride the magic carpet back to the top for their ski lesson.
Even Mrs May had to have a ski lesson. Here she is riding the magic carpet.
Samantha takes a ride on the magic carpet. She sure looks like she rugged up warm this morning.
Rylee takes her skis off, lessons are over, so everybody heads into the cafe for a bit of morning tea. Skiing sure does make you hungry!!!
Back out on the slopes, Mac really does look the part.
...he spent his day on the magic carpet and going up and down the chair lift.
Here is Alex taking a ride up the chair lift with her Dad.
Elliot has his skis on and appears to be ready for action.
Alex displays her lift pass, which gets her up and down on the chair lift as often as she likes for the day.
Elliot looks very warm in all of his ski gear.
Adam takes some time out, just chillin' on the snow.

It was a fantastic day, and everybody felt like they had made huge improvements on last years skiing. A lot of our class progressed onto the chair lift this year and were confidently skiing the slopes by the end of the day.
Some families stayed on and skied for the rest of the weekend, and they enjoyed beautiful weather and a fresh dusting of snow!!!
Thanks to Mrs Benington for organising an awesome ski trip!!! We can't wait to go again next year.

School ski trip - so what did the rest of us get up to?

The 'super-eight' from Room 4 had an awesome fun Friday while the rest of the class were away skiing. We spent the morning weaving wonderful creations from flax - first flax flowers and then flax mats.

Josh, William, Regen and Blaize prepare their flax strips for their woven mat

Chaleece, Izack and Emma get stuck in

Lucy and Blaize full of concentration
William and Regen making great progress with their mats
Izack and Chaleece were our weaving super-stars. They were finished in no time!


In the afternoon we 'honed' our rakau skills, changing partners and coming up with new and creative routines to music. Regen and Chaleece made a great team! Then we went outside for some games with Room 7. What a super-cool fun Friday! There were even a couple of comments heard by Mrs O which sounded something like, "I just don't want this day to end."