Should animals be kept in zoos?

Should animals be kept in zoos?  No!!!!  Here's some reasons why.
Animals need to be free, not locked up in a cage.  If they are in a cage they can't run in the wild.  But when they're not in the zoo they can do anything they want.
Another reason is that in zoos the animals like lions won't know how to catch food, but in the wild they can learn from their Mum and Dad.  In the zoo they have nothing to practice on.........   (Elliot)

I think animals should be kept in zoos.  Why?
Because people can see animals that they have never seen before, like kiwi and pandas.  Would you normally get to see these animals if they weren't in zoos? If native animals or wild animals get hurt they can get help if they are in zoos.  But if they are in the wild they can't get the same treatment because there are no vets in the wild......  (Samantha)

How would you feel if you got watched over all day and night?  Have you ever thought about the animals behind glass in their animal prison - 'the zoo'?
When animals are in zoos they only have little amounts of space to run around in.  It's like being in a cage for years.  But when they're not in zoos, they can roam free and play-fight with other members of their herds.
Animals in zoos aren't in their natural habitat....... (Jess)

Should animals be kept in zoos?  I don't think so!   Here's some reasons why.
They need a big space to run round and not to run round in that tiny spot.  They can roam free in the amazing wild!  There shouldn't be zoos!  The animals would be happier with a more adventurous life.  We would love to see animals at zoos but their life is more fun without getting pointed at and laughed at.
Don't animals need to hunt for their own food? Well we know that wild animals in the zoo only get a bit of food, but what would happen if there wasn't enough food.  EVERY ANIMAL WILL START A FIGHT!!!! Then the zookeepers would get angry at them and take the food off them.
Getting laughed at by strangers?  I don't think so!..... (Mac)

I strongly believe that animals shouldn't be in zoos.  Here's why.
It's not very nice because it's not their proper habitat, life or environment.  So how would you like to be in a zoo and taken away from your environment?
Another reason - how would you like to be taken away from your family?  Imagine if you were a baby zebra - scared, afraid, lost, in a place surrounded by glass, with animals that might kill you or scare you..... (Lucy)

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Ice Cream

Do you want a scrumptious great for a boiling summer day?  Well, if you do, follow these instructions to make delicious home-made vanilla ice-cream!  

Firstly, you need half a cup of milk, one tablespoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence, ice and 3/4 cup of salt.  You also need a big bag and a small bag to put some ingredients in to.

Next, pour the milk, sugar and vanilla essence into the opened little bag.  Then mix the ingredients a little so they can blend in a little.  Then seal the bag up.  That's the main mixture done.

After you've made the main mixture, you then need to grab the big bag and the bag of ice.  When the big bag is open tip half the bag of ice into it.  After that find the 3/4 cup of salt and chuck the salt into the big bag, being careful not to drop the cup into the bag otherwise the cup will make ice stick to the sides of the cup!

When you have put the salt in the big bag, put the sealed little bag into the big bag.  Then seal the big bag and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!

Finally, you can open the big bag and grab the little bag out.  If the bag isn't solid, put the little bag in to the big bag then seal the bag and keep on shaking.  If the little bag is solid, open up and enjoy.  You could put in some chocolate or leave something out.  I hope you have fun making ice-cream!

Written by Jessica

Doggy Descriptions - LOST!!!!!!
Can you help our owners to find their lost dogs? 
Read the descriptions below and see if they are descriptive enough for you to be able to work out which one is their dog.

Lost.  Please have a look.  It is a small boy dog.  He is black and white.  He has a white stripe on his head.  He has black ears and he plays fetch with a ball.  I chuck it to a pond and he goes and gets it.  He looks like he has an m on him.  Call 485****       Elliot

Lost!  Please look for my dog called Spot.  He is white with brown spots behind his shoulder and by his tail.  His tail points up to the sky.  His face is all brown and his ears are bendy.  He's got strong legs, good for running which is his favourite thing to do.  He's a tall dog and likes chasing balls and frisbees.  He has no collar which isn't useful.  His speed is like a greyhound at the races.  The coat on him is smooth.  If you see him please let me know.  My name is Jessica and my phone number is 485****.   Jessica

Lost dog.  Please can you find her!  She is brown and white and has floppy ears and is also cute and fuzzy.  She has cute eyes and a black nose and she is a small dog.  She is fuzzy and she likes to bite her toys and she also likes to play with me alot.  She is funny.  Her front legs are bigger than her back legs and she loves to run with me alot.  She has a white blaze in the middle of her forehead.  Please if you find her please come to Beaumont Rongahere Road, number ***.  Thank you.     Dewald

I had a dog.  It has a short tail and it has long ears.  It has a brown body and it has a black nose.  It's called Snow.  And it has a short tail.      Georgia

Lost dog!  Please find her.  She has got a black and white coat.  Her name is Jessabelly and she is medium size.  She is very fluffy and shaggy.  She also has a fluffy tail.  She is only a puppy.  When cars go by she goes and barks at them.     Blaize

LOST dog!  Please look out for him.  His name is Jack.  He has a white nose, a white chest and he has white feet too.  He has a black coat over him and he has brown legs with short hair.  He's a tall dog with a black back.  He likes chasing balls.  He's fast.  he eags dog biscuits.  Call 485****.  Thank you.    Adam

LOST!  Please could someone look out for my dog called Jeff.  He's a little rascal.  He's got a mushy nose, cute black eyes and small ears.  He's also got a big black dot on his head, big legs and he's got a cute face.  He has no collar and he's white and black.  He's a medium sized dog and he's got a curly, curly tail.  He's got a fluffy warm coat and he's a bull dog.  He likes eating dog biscuits and he likes chewing his slobbery bone.  I chuck his meat to him and he eats it.  He can do tricks like rolling and sitting.  He jumps alot and he's my favourite pet.  Please if you see him call 485****       Mac

This dog has a black back and a very light pink tongue.  It is a farm dog with little tiny teeth.  It's a very big dog.  He's got ears that hang down.  The ears are very short.  They look like manderine slices.  He has a thick coat that is black.  He is brown and black.  My dog has no collar.  Rocky has very round eyes.  He's got bigger back legs than the front.  Rocky has brown on his head and on his legs too.     Lucy

I have LOST my small, fluffy puppy.  Her name is Milly.  She is white and has a curly tail which is short.  Milly is a Maltese.  Her face is adorable with a button nose and saggy eyes.  Her ears are like little cotton balls.  She has short legs like a toy monkey and eats meat.  Milly likes to sit in the sun.  Please if you find Milly call 485****       Rylee

I have lost my dog Jack.  He is a police dog.  It is our big dog.  It's ears stick up in the air.  It is very cool.  It is brown and black and he is very tall.  His eyes are very dark black.  My dog helps police officers to find drugs.  He is very lucky.  When he finds drugs he gets a good tea of biscuits and meat.  His phone number is 485****    Josh

Have you seen Speedy?  If you have call 485***** on his red tag.  He looks like a race dog.  He is brown, white and black and he's got a black collar and he is a boy.  His name is Speedy.  If you don't know look on his tag.  Look in the phone book for my phone number.  If you have him ring it straight away and bring him straight back.  Thanks.  Please keep a look out.     Emma

Lost! Please look out for my young chiuaua Lisa.  She has a purple collar and the end hangs down.  She is white and has four brown spots and has one around her left eye.  She is fluffy.  She has a nose that sits right on top of her mouth like sauce on a sausage.  Lisa has soft ears like a baby's bottom.  She has a tail that sticks up. Lisa dances and she likes to swim.  Her bark is like a high scream.  Call 485****.  Address: *************  Please call or text or come to me because she has won every dog show and I love her and miss her.  Plus my name is Samantha ******    Sam

My dog is lost.  He is spotty and has ears pointing down like a sad dog.  He has a smooth coat which is white with black spots.  He has a small tail like a toy car.  He is medium-sized.  If you find him call 475****      Fraser

Lost dog.  Please find it.  She is a farm dog and she is black and white.  She has sharp teeth and a white stripe down the middle of her head.  She has a black nose and little soft ears and brown eyes.  She has a long tail and a bit of white on her tail.  She is a scruffy looking dog.  She likes eating meat.  If you find it call 485****     Jaxon

My dog is lost.  He is white and soft and little.  You can not see his feet because they are covered up with his fur.  He likes to run down hills and when I call him he comes to me.  I love him.  This is my phone number 485****   My name is Izack ******       Izack

My dog is a girl labrador.  It has floppy ears.  She is ..... LOST!  I miss her so much.  Her tail hangs down.  She has no white, she is just plain black.  She has a blue collar.  She is smooth and wet.  She is medium sized.  She is like Fraser's dog Jack.  Her name's Jack too.  Please if you find her call 485****   Alex

My dog is called Fluffy Wuffy and it is lost.  He has black hair all over and a tail going up.  It has little ears and hair hanging down on it's chin like a beard.  The hair is short and it has short legs.  You can't see it's eyes because of it's black fur.    Regen

Lost dog.  It is white, fluffy and she has a big tail.  She barks lots but it is a sick bark and she is very sick.  She has a white fluffy back.  She looks very cute and has long front legs.  It is very big and she has black eyes and Jess has big sharp teeth.  Jess does tricks when you want her to and she always rolls over.  Jess has little pink and white ears.  Jess eats little dog biscuits and she drinks water like a little puppy.  Ring 485**** if you find Jess.    Chaleece

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