Thursday, August 25, 2011

School ski trip - so what did the rest of us get up to?

The 'super-eight' from Room 4 had an awesome fun Friday while the rest of the class were away skiing. We spent the morning weaving wonderful creations from flax - first flax flowers and then flax mats.

Josh, William, Regen and Blaize prepare their flax strips for their woven mat

Chaleece, Izack and Emma get stuck in

Lucy and Blaize full of concentration
William and Regen making great progress with their mats
Izack and Chaleece were our weaving super-stars. They were finished in no time!


In the afternoon we 'honed' our rakau skills, changing partners and coming up with new and creative routines to music. Regen and Chaleece made a great team! Then we went outside for some games with Room 7. What a super-cool fun Friday! There were even a couple of comments heard by Mrs O which sounded something like, "I just don't want this day to end."

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  1. Wow Room 4 - looks like you had a terrific day with Mrs O on Friday - your photos are amazing, and the weaving in the classroom looks great. Lucky you!!!!