Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Room 4 students have all been working on learning and presenting their 'mihi' (oral history of where they come from). We made a visual representation to remind us of the order in which to recite our mihi (mountain, river, waka, tribe, where you are from, then family, then ourselves).

Challenge for Room 4 students - Here is Mrs O's mihi. See if you can tell your family what each line means.

Ko Mount Aspiring toku maunga.
Ko Mata Au toku awa.
Ko Endeavour toku waka.
Ko Ngati Pakeha toku iwi.
No Luggate ahau.
Ko Rod toku papa.
Ko Cec toku mama.
Ko Rachel toku ingoa.

Extra challenge for Room 4 students - tell your mihi to your family. Can you do it without looking at your art work?

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