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Friday 5th August 2011
Today we experimented to find out what sorts of materials were attracted to magnets.  In the photo below are some of the items that we found did 'stick' to our magnets.  We learnt that only 2 metals are attracted to magnets - iron and steel.

Alex was surprised to see that pipe cleaners were attracted to her magnet - we decided that was because they had metal inside them.
 Whoops - bit close to Mrs O's laptop with those magnets!!!
 Regen had great fun testing the strength of his magnet through the wooden desk.  

 WOW - the magnetic force can pass right through this wooden desk!
 Check this out - Sam's magnet sticks to the Zip!  It must be made of iron or steel.
 Jaxon was surprised that his metal drink bottle was not attracted to the magnet.  It must not be made of iron or steel.
 We found our magnets could stick to all sorts of interesting metal objects around the school.

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