Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fitting Your Helmet

Fitting Your Helmet

Constable Jo came to visit this morning to start teaching us about Cycle Safety.

She began by showing us road signs that we would see as we are out and about riding our bikes.

Then she taught us how to fit our helmets properly so that they will protect our head if we fall off our bike, or if we are knocked off our bikes by a vehicle.

It is very important that our helmets are as tight as they can be, because if they are too loose they will slip and our head will be exposed to danger.

We should have our helmet fitted firmly on our head, with the front visor sitting above our eyebrows across our forehead. It is very important to protect our forehead when cycling.

The straps that come under our chin should have the clips slid up to sit, just under our ear-lobe. This helps to keep our helmet still on our head, and prevents it from slipping sideways if it gets a knock on the side.

The straps under your chin should be so tight that you can't fit more than two fingers in it. If it is too loose it will not protect your head.

Many of us found our helemts to be uncomfortable as we got used to feeling how tight they actually need to be, but the reason was beacause all of us had been wearing our helmets too loosely.

We now know that our helmet needs to be VERY firm in order to protect our heads, but given that our brain is inside our head, we also know how important it is to protect it!

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