Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prizegiving 2011

Last night (Thursday 8th December) we held our annual Lawrence Area School prizegiving evening. This is always a time to reflect on the achievements made throughout the year. All Room 4 students were presented with a certificate outlining achievements throughout the year. One student from each year group was awarded the Academic Achievement Award, while another was chosen as the Lawrence Lions Evans Bequest for Diligence throughout the year.

It was a very difficult job for the Room 4 teachers this year as many children stood out for various reasons, but we did have great pleasure in awarding the Academic achievement awards to Rylee May (Year 3) and Jessica Jopp (Year 4) for academic achievement in all subjects.
The Evans Bequest for Diligence was thoroughly deserved by Regen Potter (Year 3) and Elliot Forbes (Year 4).
Rylee May and Jessica Jopp with their Academic Achievement awards
Regen Potter and Elliot Forbes, winners of the Evans Bequest award for diligence

In addition to these awards, some other Room 4 students were awarded school trophies, which was super exciting. Elliot Forbes won the cup for junior boys athletics champion, Chaleece Kenealy was the junior girls athletics champion and Jaxon Benington was presented with the Junior Speech cup.
Junior athletics champions - Chaleece Kenealy and Elliot Forbes
Junior speech champion - Jaxon Benington
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all of those students who received special awards on prizegiving night!!!!!! We are super proud of you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Shining Star - Lucy

On our bike trip down the Millenium Track Lucy showed guts and determination like no other. She spent the weeks leading up to the ride practising her cycling skills, as it had been a while since she had ridden a bike. Then once she hit the track she had 3 minor crashes - but despite all of this Lucy rode 13.7km and completed the challenge that had been put before her.

The whole class were extremely proud of Lucy's achievement,

but none more so than Mrs O and Mrs May.

Well done Lucy - this was an amazing display of character and we are very proud of you!!!!