Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kiwi Golf

Kiwi Golf

Melanie Harper from 'Kiwi Golf' came to Lawrence Area School today to teach us all some new golf skills. She worked with each of the classes from Year 0-8

She began by explaining the different types of iron, and how they are used. Then she explained how we should correctly grip the club.

The whole class practised our grip and our swing by using a pole with a flag.

Here are Elliot and Lucy practising their grip and swing using large balls. They were a nice easy target.

Josh and Adam demonstrate the correct stance. Feet shoulder width apart, lean down (chest pointing at the ground) and pop your knees.

Alex and Georgia take a swing, hitting their ball down the length of the tennis court, to their partner.
Their partner then collected the ball and came down for their own turn.

Jessica takes special care to get her grip right on the club, and Emma works at perfecting her swing.

Dewald and Mac have a great time as they work on their golfing skills. Once we had all had a few turns with the big balls we began using tennis balls.

Rylee and Fraser are also really enjoying having a go at Kiwi Golf.

Blaize and Chaleece are both very focused on perfecting their stance and improving their swing.

Finally we progressed onto proper sized golf balls, which proved MUCH harder to hit!!! Regen and Samantha gave it their very best effort. Luckily for the partners at the other end the balls were made of rubber, so no-one could come to any harm.

Izack works at mastering the art of hitting such a small ball.
The whole class had a blast playing golf. Each class got 45 minutes to work on their skills and they can all now swing a club and hit a ball. Some might need to get a bit of practice, but some were absolute naturals. Everyone is looking forward to seeing Melanie again next year.

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