Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excitement on Day 1!!!

What a start to the year!!!
The fire siren sounded around Lawrence at 7.30am and the fire engine was on it's way to Lawrence Area School
What had happened everyone wondered......

The fire engine was parked outside the library with all of it's lights flashing.

The policeman and Firemen stood watching as the action unfolded...
The heavy rain overnight had caused a flood! Firemen stood in water up to their knees as they tried to clean up the flood. A drain had overflowed .
We knew that they were going to build the new swimming pool on school grounds, but we didn't think it would be quite this close!!!!

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  1. That was an exciting start to the year for you all! It sure has been a crazy summer. I look forward to following your blog this year and catching up with your teacher soon.
    Mrs K