Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Junior Swimming Sports

Junior Swimming Sports

Our Junior Swimming Sports were held today at the Lawrence Pool in front a large crowd of spectators. All of the children were very excited to be taking part and showing their parents their new swimming skills.
The year four girls stand poised, ready for their egg and spoon race. Mrs Crawford explains to the other swimmers how the sports will be run.
Chaleece was the clear winner! The year four boys have their own egg and spoon race.
Our students demonstrate their beautiful streamline glide, both on their front and back.
Mrs Crawford puts the Year 4 boys through their paces...
Last race for the Year 4 boys and then the Year 3 students have their races. First up the egg and spoon.
Then it was time for some flutter board length races
Mac displays the perfect streamline, and is quickly followed by all of Year 3.
Out of the pool Dewald and Chaleece watch as the races continue.
Elliot and Blaize
The boys all went into the changing rooms as swimming champs and came out as 'ROCK STARS!'
Jaxon and Adam
Josh gives everyone the big 'thumbs up'.
What a crew!!!
Samantha and Jessica
Regen & Fraser
Izack and Mac
Rylee and Georgia.

Congratulations to all of the students in Room 4 who took part in the swimming sports today. You competed well, showed good fair play skills, and made your teachers proud!!!
Keep up the great swimming everyone - Olympics here you come!!!

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