Thursday, February 10, 2011

First week of swimming lessons

We are fortunate to have Kim Dodds back at Lawrence Area School to help teach us correct swimming techniques. Kim is a well-qualified swimming instructor who is with us for two weeks so we are all trying really hard to learn as much as we can from her. Even though it's a bit chilly when we first get into the water, we soon adjust to the temperature and all try our hardest to listen carefully so that we can become better swimmers.

Practising our rotation technique before entering the water. Our ear must touch our shoulder at all times and we have to remember to roll from the hips, never lift our head out of the water when we are breathing.

The girls think it is funny when the boys have to get in the rather cool water first, but the boys get the last laugh when Kim tells them that the girls look too dry and that they had better help get the girls wet!

Rotation and breathing practice - all together now......1....and....2.....and.....

If it's good enough for the children then it's good enough for Mrs O and Mrs May to get into the water to help us too!

We finished Week 1's lessons with an underwater swim challenge. Jaxon held the record temporarily with two widths swum, until Chaleece came along and swam two and a quarter widths underwater! Wow those two can hold their breaths for a LONG time!

Thanks to Jessica, our photographer for these great pictures

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