Tuesday, September 13, 2011

St Kilda Dinosaur Park - Camp

There was loads of fun to be had at the St Kilda Dinosaur Park on Friday morning.  We were all too busy scootering to enjoy what the playground had to offer.  After a free exploration of the jumps and track, we finished with a competitive scooter race.  Jaxon won the boys battle, after narrowly losing his heat to Adam, whilst Sam won the girls race.  
We were all impressed with Izack in the final when he picked himself up off the track and continued racing after falling over - way to go Izack, you're a great role model showing others how to persevere and never give up!


  1. Was it fun on the scoters? I bet it was! Chaleece

  2. Man Jaxon and Adam are real good at the jump! aleast me Mac can still get over it!