Monday, September 12, 2011

Eating on camp

The food we ate while on our camp was DELICIOUS!!! Our afternoon tea and dinner were supplied by the Otago Museum. For tea we had pizza from pizza hut, and it was super scrummy.
For breakfast we had a choice of corn flakes or ricies, and the teachers were allowed to make themselves some toast and coffee.
While we were at the St. Clair dinosaur park we had morning tea, and we devoured a mountain of fruit - it was so good; apples, bananas and oranges.

After we had been to Moana Pool and running up and down to the top of the hydro slide we were absolutely ravenous!!!
Luckily there was lots of bread and hot chips waiting for us at the Mosgiel Park and we were able to make some yummy hot chip sandwiches, smothered in tomato sauce. We also had plenty of fruit and biscuits to finish off before heading home.

NB Mrs O also had an endless supply of sweet treats that we could earn and win - lots of lollies and chocolate!!!!! Mm - mmmmmmmm


  1. Hi Mrs O just so you know I loved the camp from Alex

  2. We are so pleased to hear that Alex. We had a good time too!