Monday, September 12, 2011

The Night Walk - Camp

The Night Walk - the highlight of our overnight experience for most of us, despite being VERY SCARY!  Helen and Matt, our camp leaders, wanted to take us for a walk to the animal attic, however the alarm systems were on, which could trigger if there was any noise or light.  So.... we had to team up in a long conga line, with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us, and walk quietly (in the dark), following Helen, up and down stairs, and through parts of the museum to the animal attic.  There were random noises as we walked, and we were all a bit freaked out!  Once we got to the animal attic safely Helen told us a story about a sleepover group at the museum which involved animals escaping from the animal attic - we even heard some of these animals making noises!!!!  Some of us had eyes as large as saucers at this point!  On the way back, Helen lead us through the nautical (boat) section.  While we were moving around this, there were bells ringing loudly, and something grabbed people's legs - remember we couldn't see anything as it was pitch black.  Mrs O was the first to be grabbed and she let out a very loud scream which gave us all a fright.  We didn't like the bells ringing either.   Everybody was very relieved when Helen opened the door back to our base and we could see again.  Despite it being super scary, this was an experience that we wouldn't have missed!


  1. It must of been a fun night work but scary one too!!Chaleece

  2. Hi Room 4
    It has been really exciting looking at your blog especially the news about your overnight camp and the Night Walk. One of the reasons I liked your story was that I once I went on the Night Walk with a Lawrence Area School Camp! It was a very long time ago but some of the little children on the camp you may know... their names were ...Ash, Sam, Tom and Adam! from Mrs Blackmore