Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sports Activator teaches R4 golf skills

Penny, the sports activator, visited LAS again this week and worked with all classes on golf skills. It was a rather cool morning, so we were all rugged up out on the tennis courts! First we learnt out to hold the club correctly. We began by practising to stand correctly, then pick up the club (or flag) in one hand, thumbs facing up, then place the other hand on the club and slide it to meet the first hand, arms straight and the toe of the club pointing over our heads. Then feet slightly apart (shoulder width), club down behind the ball, pop at the waist and bend our knees slightly. There was a lot to remember!!!

We began by practising with flags

First we had a large ball to hit off a tee, as demonstrated by Jaxon

Penny and Chaleece demonstrate the correct grip and stance

Regen was a pro!

Penny helped lots of us to get our stance correct before swinging

After the large ball, we graduated to a tennis ball.

Whoops boys - missed!!!

And finally a golf ball.....

After a short session we can tell that there are already some budding golfers from Room 4. Look out Lawrence Golf Course in a few years!

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