Thursday, August 4, 2011

Holidays Highlights

The highlight of my holiday was..........
  • visiting great-Nana in Clyde hospital (Rylee)
  • going on the roller-coaster at Dreamworld in Australia (Fraser)
  • getting player of the year trophy for the under 9's rugby team (Jaxon)
  • making a snowman in the snow (William)
  • being on Prime News on TV having a snowball fight with my friend Ella from Auckland (Sam)
  • going on the sleds up Blue Spur and down a gully (Elliot)
  • trying to make igloos on the road (Jess)
  • going to a disco at the holiday programme in Dunedin (Chaleece)
  • having snowball fights with Regen, Lucy and Rueben (Blaize)
  • going to the skate park in Gore with Elliot (Adam)
  • getting player of the day at netball (Emma)
  • sledding in the snow on someone's property (Mac)
  • when Mum and Dad got back from Australia because we got lots of presents and sour lollies (Alex)
  • getting most improved player trophy for under 9's rugby team (Josh)
  • going on the sled and Blaize falling off (Lucy)
  • when my Dad was dragging me behind the motorbike on the sled in the snow (Izack)
  • going to my cousins rugby on Saturday (Regen)
  • going on a tour of Cadbury World with my boys (Mrs O)

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