Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dancing Raisins

If you want to have some fizzing fun then you should try the dancing raisins experiment.
First you need to put on some safety glasses so that you don't get any of the chemicals in your eyes.
You need a tall beaker to put the ingredients into.
Begin by pouring some white vinegar into the beaker.
Then you add some baking soda, and throw in some raisins very quickly.
The reaction you will see is fizzing. You will see the raisins bobbing up and down, which is why it is called 'dancing raisins'
The reaction happens because the baking soda fizzing in the vinegar creates carbon dioxide and makes bubbles. The raisins on the bottom collect the bubbles which push the raisins to the surface. Then the bubbles pop and the raisins drop back down, then they collect more bubbles and float back up, and so it goes on.
This is a Kitchen Chemistry experiment that you can try at home, so you too can see that it's true.
Have fun.
Explanation written by Josh, Samantha and Adam.

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