Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kitchen chemistry - Making ice-cream

Who would have thought that learning could be so much fun!
As part of our new topic 'Kitchen Chemistry', Room 4 have been learning about the states of matter - solid, liquid and gas, and how these can be changed.
We watched a short DVD which showed an experiment, making ice-cream within about 15 minutes.

For those of you at home who would like to give this a go, here's our method:
Take one small sealable plastic bag (Glad bags seem to be the strongest).
Inside place:
1/2 cup milk
1 Tablespoon of sugar
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla essence
Seal the bag.
Inside a larger sealable plastic bag place some ice and 3/4 cup of salt. Put the small bag with the milk mixture inside the larger bag with the ice and salt and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE......

Measuring and preparing the ingredients.
Firstly, in goes the milk
.... then the sugar

... then vanilla essence

Measure the salt and tip it into the bag of ice.


It worked!!! We now have SOLID ice-cream.
Time to sample the finished product - Mmmmmmmmmmm. Delicious.

Room 4 students - your challenge is to change this recipe in some way at home (maybe add something or leave something out and see what happens), then tell us all about it.

Mac - "I tried it at home and left out some of the salt. It still worked. It tasted just as good."
Alex - "I made it at home and I used orange essence and red food colouring and it didn't work out. I did it in two small bags because we didn't have big bags. Then I tried putting in the freezer, but it still didn't work."
Izack - "I used blue food colouring and chocolate chips and it turned out good."
Georgia - "I added pink food colouring and chocolate chips, and it tasted a little bit like rainbow ice-cream."
Sam - "I used the recipe but didn't shake it. I tried putting it in the freezer instead, but it didn't work."

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