Sunday, June 12, 2011

Elephant's Toothpaste

If you are bored and like Kitchen Chemistry then you could try to make Elephant Toothpaste.
It is important to cover you eyes and skin for this experiment because you are using some dangerous chemicals.
Begin by putting some hydrogen-peroxide in a tall beaker.
Then add some dish liquid, so that it makes bubbles when the reaction occurs.
Add a dash of food colouring so that your toothpaste has some colour. We used green.
This is still a liquid at this point.
Then we added Potassium Iodide (solid) which caused a reaction.
It caused a fizzing reaction which meant it was turning into a gas.
We could see the steam coming off the top and it just kept foaming up out of the beaker.
It kept going.....
...and going.....
...and going.....
Burning hot toothpaste keeps squirting out until you put water on it to stop the reaction.
Now you know how to make Elephant toothpaste. Have fun.
Explanation by Rylee, Elliot and Georgia

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