Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sports Activator visits again

Penny, the Sports Activator, visited school again today. She worked with Room 4 on small ball skills. Firstly, we had to work as two teams knocking down and picking up cones, focusing on peripheral vision as we ran. This was a fun warm up and got us all moving and working as a team.

Check out Alex busy guarding her cones - or had she just stood them up?

We then worked on our throwing and catching in a small group situation, always moving when we didn't have the ball to make ourselves near our opposition to try and tag them with the ball. Can you spot Regen busy directing someone in this photo?

Finally, we got to put our skills into practice by playing a team game with Penny. We had to hit the ball and then hold onto our bat and run around the bases (hoops). Each team had three batters available. The only way you could get out was to be caught out or if you were running and weren't in your hoop when the fielders had thrown the ball to Penny. We only had a short time to play this, so will have to make sure we get out and have another game in the next couple of days so that we remember the rules.

It was great to see everybody involved and participating.

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