Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3D models

Today for Maths we made 3D models out of wine gums and toothpicks. It was an easy way for us to count the number of faces, corners and edges that each shape had. There were a couple of shapes that we could not make with the wine gums and toothpicks. These were a cylinder and a sphere. We discovered that the reason we couldn't make them was that they had no corners and they did not have straight edges.

Chaleece, Alex ane Regen concentrate on making their 3D shapes

Samantha, Rylee and Emma with their creations

Alex, Dewald and Regen hard at work

Fraser and Elliot - full of concentration


Izack with his triangular pyramid

Elliot showing us his square pyramid

Josh proudly shows off his cube

Jess licks her lips in anticipation of tasting her wine gums!

Samantha proudly displays her square pyramid model

Jaxon was super fast in creating a triangular pyramid

Dewald shows us his free choice creation

What a fun Maths lesson! Undoubtedly the best part of this lesson was devouring the lollies when we had finished. Don't worry though Mums and Dads, as we did learn alot from this activity!

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