Sunday, April 3, 2011

Managing Self

For our health topic we are learning about Community and creating a positive classroom environment. As a part of this study we have talking about what communities we are a part of and how we contribute to each of these communities.
Today we discussed the importance of 'managing self' in being a positive community member. 'Managing Self' is one of the Key Competencies which is a part of our school curriculum. We talked about all of the different aspects of 'managing self' and brainstormed them on the board. We put it all into our own words, so that it made sense to us. Then we put our words all around a 'self' (who we have called Anna).
These are all important skills that we need to work on to be good learners, and good members of community groups and even our own families. We will continue to focus on these skills for our entire time at school. This term we will be setting personal goals that help us develop skills to do with 'managing self' that we think we need to work on most.

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