Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Te Ao Maori Day

On Thursday 14th June all of the students at Lawrence Area School took part in Te Ao Maori Day (The World of Maori). As part of this day a hangi was put down by Miss Mikaere's dad and helpers. Room 4 enjoyed the chance of seeing the preparation of the hangi pit with the fire heating the rocks before they were lifted into the pit and the food placed on top of the hot stones in baskets. Tasting the hangi lunch was a true highlight of the day, with many students wishing that they could've had more food!

What a treat - delicious hangi lunch which included chicken, beef, mutton, stuffing, potatoes, kumara and pumpkin.
For most of the day all students were cross-grouped into whanau groups, named after significant Maori figures e.g Papatuanuku (Earth Mother), Tangaroa (god of the sea).......
These whanau groups took part in a range of traditional Maori activities - Maori art, poi making, stick games and weaving. Room 4 students really enjoyed the opportunity to be mixed with students from Year 0-Year 13 for the whole day and to try out some new activities.
The koru patterns created were simply stunning!
Flax and paper weaving were very popular activities. Lydia demonstrated how to make flax fish (ika) and flowers (putiputi) and all Year 3-13 students got to make both of these creations. The junior students created a colourful paper woven mat.
Sam and Mac with their flax weaving

The official opening (powhiri) was held prior to lunchtime. The whole school welcomed Goldfields Educare and parents and community members (our manuhiri) with speeches and waiata and Educare responded with a beautiful rendition of 'E rere taku poi'.
Stick games (rakau) were a great challenge for all students. Thankfully Mrs Taylor had her guitar to play along with the students as they attempted to stay in time and throw their rakau to their partner.
We ended the day with a closing ceremony and opportunity for students to share what they had done throughout the day.
A very enjoyable experience which students hope we get the chance to repeat again in the future. Thanks to Miss M for all of her organising of the day.

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  1. This was a really fun day but my favourite bit was weaving, even though when I went to get my flax things they were gone. I liked the hangi food too, especially the stuffing and chicken.