Thursday, March 31, 2011

Athletics Fun with Penny

On Tuesday we had a visit form Penny the sports activator. She took us through a number of different activities that will help us build skills for athletics. We began by playing some tag games to help us warm up. After that we did some relay races over the hurdles, and we also had sack races which was heaps of fun.

Penny took us through a few different jumping activities to help us with our long jump technique. These photos are of us jumping from one hoop to another jumping from two feet and landing on two feet. We really had to swing our arms because Penny kept moving the hoops we were jumping into further and further away!!
Mac, Regen and Elliot prepare to jump...
...and there they go.
Fraser, Alex and Samantha get some really good height as they jump from hoop to hoop.
Chaleece, Jessica and Georgia take their turn.
Now Jaxon, Emma and Lucy have a go.
Adams lands! Blaize flys! Rylee jumps!
Regen gives it 100% Elliot prepares to jump.
We finished off the lesson by throwing vortex for points to see which team could get the most points by throwing the furtherest.
We had an awesome time and can't wait for Penny to come back for our next session.!!

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